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Donate now for Akhal-Teke horses

The rare & amazing Akhal-Teke horses need your help!

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Help Save the Akhal-Tekes

What a fairy tale it would be... If one of the oldest horse breeds in the whole world, was also one of the fastest horses in the world. And these horses were created with a special magic, different from all the other horses, to shine in the sun like metallic gold.

And one day, one of their kind, a majestic black stallion, won the Olympic Gold Medal, and was crowned World Horse of the Year. And his grandsons and granddaughters could run in eventing, dance in dressage, sail over jumps, and stay every course in endurance.

But some years later, their great grandkids were in peril, with dwindling numbers despite their great hearts, and fewer than a dozen foals born each year, all across America.

Then horse people rallied for the horses, despite times of need, each joining the story with a humble gift, until together there were gifts enough. And through this miracle (and lots of hard work), the golden horses were saved!

After hearing such a magical story, you might just say the folks at Disney were kind of overdoing it, this time.

But if you know, you’ll smile to yourself, and say, ‘I know this fairy tale. This is th true story of the Akhal-Teke horses.’

Then your eyes might widen, as you realize that you are part of this story, yourself.

With your own gift to give.

For the Akhal-Teke horses. ❤️

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